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Beat by beat, we will become icons.
Caasi Beats

About Us

Caasi is a self taught & passion-motivated music producer who has been producing beats thanks to the inspiration from DJ Tamuka, No Limits and Rodney Beats. At Caasi, we believe that beat by beat, we will get there, together.

Our readily made beats comes at lower costs than others depending on license.

Our beats are 100% custom made thus reducing chances of encountering look-alikes.

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Our Licenses

Our beats are licensed under different licenses, depending on the amount of money you may be willing to give away. This however does not apply to free beats as they normally come with their own instructions.

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Bronze License

Has a few more options.

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Silver License

Suitable for professionals.

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Gold License

Own the beat and royalties.

Platinum License

Ideal for upcoming artists.